Saturday, August 31, 2013

E. B. White I feel your pain

E. B. White author of Charlotte's' Web lived and wrote on a small farm in North Brooklin, Maine. While mainly a writer he liked to think of himself as a farmer also.

He lamented about his time spent writing as being detrimental to his farm and time spent farming as being time spent wasted while he should be writing.

As my writing picks up more and more I am spending less and less time doing anything on the homestead. I can't even keep ahead of the mowing at this point. I need to make enough writing to get a big mower for my tractor so it will get done quicker.

I haven't even gotten my chainsaw mill out of the package this summer. I had all these plans of cutting up the walnut and cherry logs I had saved from the wood furnace.

My 12 volt conversion for my Ford tractor is still in the box sitting by my chair...I do need to get that installed before winter.

I have several writing projects on the line at the moment...I have a couple articles coming out in a magazine (I'll let you know when it comes out) and just bid on writing an ebook this morning. I have ongoing commitments to a couple websites now. So as you can see I am getting busier, and I hope someday to do this for a living and be going back and forth just like E. B. White.

Still clinging to my God and my guns,

Monday, August 12, 2013

Busy Busy

It seems the more work I do on this blog the more writing work I get.

In case you hadn't noticed I put a lot of effort into the moth of June on this blog. I posted several posts and really made an effort to put helpful comments on any other survival related blog I could find. This led to a guest post on Survival mom ( Getting started Dumpster Diving). Which led to her asking me to submit something for here series on How will you know when the balloon goes up? (yes that is me right below James Rawles).

This led to a good bump in traffic for this site, which led me to make more helpful comments. Then folks started asking me to write stuff. If you don't know I dabble in freelancing on the website Elance. You can see my profile here.

I have written quite a bit for Off The Grid News, and now am getting more offers from other publishers.
In a three day period I got hit up for seven articles, all due within three weeks. As you can see it has been fun.

Hopefully I can work this into a full time thing and be freer to work the old homestead.

Still clinging to my God and my guns