Saturday, August 28, 2010

This just in


EPA Rejects Calls to Ban Lead in Ammo

The EPA can ban your bullets?


Looks like more back door banning of our rights to me.

I would think if it did go through there would be a grandfather clause for home casters but who knows.

I can't even imagine what they are thinking...this is nothing like lead pellets getting eaten by waterfowl.

Also just think of all the cheap practice our LEO's do with lead bullets. Now all of a sudden they have to use

expensive premium ammo. I think that will equal a lot less practice by those who have an obligation to

improve their skills.

LINK FOR COMMENT this is for commenting on the proposal...It appears to me that they are seeking .GOV

agency input so if you can get this in the hands of your local law enforcement that would be a good thing.

Still clinging to my God and my guns,

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Are you prepared finacially? The what if question...

The news about the economy lately is all about gloom and doom.

LINK This article from the Wall Street Journal talks about the creator of the "Hindenburg Omen" getting out of the market completely.

LINK Here is one from CNBC talking about economic factors being very similar to those the beginning of the great depression. Could history be repeating itself?

LINK Another CNBC article telling how the Dow could conceivably drop to the 5000 level in the next couple years.

What are you preparing for?
If debt is a burden in your life have you lined up a place to live should you be foreclosed on?

Are you prepared to provide food to your family if you lose your job?

I don't have the answers...

I just provide some questions you should be asking yourself.

The best preparation after your soul is your mind...If you can work through possible scenarios it won't take you by surprise when something bad happens.

The best way to prepare your mind is by asking what if all the time...

What if I lost my job today?

What if someone walks through the door during church services and starts shooting?

What if Hyper inflation takes hold of our economy?

What if we get deflation?

What if I find a great deal on a bunch of traps at an auction? (is it worth changing the budget to get them?)

What if I spent the money I was saving for a car to upgrade the fence so we can get more food animals?

You see the what if questions can be anything you can imagine. They will be different for every family since we all face unique living situations.

Just remember...His eye is on the sparrow and He watches over you...

Still clinging to my God and my guns,