Monday, May 16, 2011

Ayn Rand...Atlas Shrugged... Not a Christian value

I have seen reference to Atlas Shrugged my whole time on the net as a prepper. So many times that I finally checked it out of the library and started reading it.
I didn't get very far.
Maybe my mistake was reading the for word where Ms. Rand lays out her militant anti Christian beliefs.
That kind of ruined the rest of the book for me.

Time .com has a great article by Amy Sullivan, called

"An Atheist Icon? Social Conservatives Worried About GOP Ayn Rand Resurgence"

In this article she tells us about what our GOP leaders think of this prominent atheist.
  • - Paul Ryan says Ayn Rand is the reason he entered politics and he requires all staff and interns to read her books. Says Ryan: "Ayn Rand more than anyone else did a fantastic job of explaining the morality of capitalism, the morality of individualism."
  • - Clarence Thomas requires his law clerks to watch The Fountainhead, and has said "I tend really to be partial to Ayn Rand."
  • - Sen. Ron Johnson, Ryan's GOP colleague from Wisconsin, calls Atlas Shrugged his "foundational book."
  • - Rush Limbaugh calls Ayn Rand "the brilliant writer and novelist."
  • - Fox News repeatedly promoted the recently released movie version of Atlas Shrugged, airing the trailer on several shows and interviewing cast members.
Chuck Colson has a little to say also. Here is his two minute warning video warning.
Then here is his Break Point commentary. Called "Shrug it off"

We have to be diligent to study what our leaders are actually saying when they come to power.
We can't get caught up in backing a party candidate blindly just because he or she has declared themselves red or blue.

Please read the links (they are short)

Still clinging to my God and my guns,

Friday, May 13, 2011

A wet spring

SO much rain...

One field by our lane has been planted and the farmers in the area are scrambling around between thunderstorms trying to get a crop in.

Our garden and field are both way too wet to work yet. I did a couple passes with the till a couple weeks ago but had to stop because it was too wet then. It has rained all but a couple widely spaced days since. The till broke something when I was doing a run on Saturday. It is stuck in gear and the tines spin freely without power.

I have been able to mow part of the yard but some of it is closing in on a foot tall. I bagged alot of it and started mulching the garden. Maybe we will have to try Ruth Stouts "no work garden" method this year. If we can't get it tilled I will just mulch the whole thing and pull back the mulch to plant.

Haven't figured out what to do about the field garden yet. If it doesn't dry out soon we may just have to forget it.

Still clinging to my God and my guns,