Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Do You Know Any Mean Christians?

  I was listening to Dr. Erwin Lutzer on the radio the other day, when he brought up the topic of mean and grumpy Christians in the midst of a sermon on another topic.

  He laid out three points to take into consideration when dealing with mean a Christian that I thought would be good to share.

  First, we don't know their heart. That is to say we can not judge whether that person has a personal relationship with Christ or not. They may go to church, use the correct language but not know Him. Christ told us that on the Judgement day many would say "Lord, Lord" and he would say to them "I never knew you." A person can have all the head knowledge about Christ in the world but if he has not given Him his life there will be no inward change of his heart. We can not expect people who do not know Christ to act as if they belong to Him.

Second, God may actually be doing a wondrous work in this persons life. If they are truly saved the Holy Spirit is indwelling them and leading them if they are being mean and grumpy just imagine how bad they would be without this guidance.

Third, there may be something in their lives hindering the fruit of the spirit from being produced. When a saved Christian if not exhibiting fruit there is a disconnect somewhere. Be careful not to jump to judgement since the fruit may very well be there, we may just not see it.

I would add a fourth, the problem may be with us instead. Is my attitude towards this person correct? Am I allowing the spirit to direct my path? Am I ignoring the plank in my own eye?

Finally We can not know how God is interacting with this "mean" person, all we can do is pray and be available for them. How we react to them is our choice not theirs. We can choose to show grace in the face of hostility.

Still clinging to my God and my guns.