Thursday, January 8, 2009

Still sick

I've been struggling to get wood.
I got an antibiotic from the doctor for a sinus infection Monday.
Monday night and Tuesday were horrible I was in so much pain.
Kinda weird headache and joint and muscle pain.
So I have been neglecting the blogs until I am healthier.
I have no stamina to cut wood.
In November I could cut three loads a day by myself and still felt like I could do more.
You know the old saying about a team of horses "leave one good pull in them" so I did three and called it good.
New Years eve I was able to cut about 2/3 of a load, New Years day almost a full load.
Since then I have pulled up three logs with the tractor and that wore me out.
I have to go out here in a couple minutes and cut enough off of them to last until I get home tonight and repeat the process for overnight. Using a chainsaw in the dark is an accident waiting to happen especially while I am sick but no one else will do it.
I have a dumptruck load off slab wood being delivered Feb. 3rd so I just have to hold on till then.
I ordered three all together spaced a month apart.

I really hate writing this because it seems like I'm doing a lot of whining, but if someone learns something from it.(like whatever you do keep a winters supply of wood on hand) I guess it's worth some thinking less of me.

Still clinging to my God and my guns


scoutinlife said...

Randy my Brother I truly wish we werent on opposite side of the states!I would so help you if we where closer a couple loads of the reserve pile would have been deliivered! Get well my friend I pray for a speedy recovery!

Ace said...

Randy, I hope all is well and you feel better. Raw garlic crushed and covered with honey will kick the evil out of a sinus infection. Take at least a clove every couple of hours. Also, some Ascorbic acid helps a lot. At least, this is what has worked for us and I have little ones who can't take antibiotics and we fought off a nasty bug with this.

Hope all is well, you haven't posted in a while..

Many Blessings :)

Randy said...

Thanks John,
From the couple years I've known you an loine I know what you say is true.
I started taking garlic every day now that my anti biotics are gone. I still have ear pain but it is getting less every day.

Randy said...

That "an loine" was supposed to be "on line" LOL