Friday, April 10, 2009

Big government can't keep your food safe

The media has finally discovered this fact.
Here's the story from Fox news

I can't figure out why anyone would want the government to be in charge of their food safety.
It only makes sense to buy local if at all possible and to eat seasonally. Eating seasonally is eating what is growing at the current time in your area. If it's winter you eat your stored apple's and dried fruit for example.

When you buy locally grown food you can get to know the producer and in some cases even help out in the production of your foodstuffs. It also keeps your money local and builds community.

We do buy packaged goods here on the homestead but we do try to incorporate as much of the above as possible. Plus every year we try to provide more of our own food.

All this is a good goal and the less we depend on our government in our everyday lives the better off we are.

Still clinging to my God and my guns,

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