Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Stihl MS 310 Product review

Stihl MS 310 Chainsaw

The Stihl MS 310 is a Mid-range chainsaw combining power, quality and state of the art design features that make it a truly powerful firewood saw.
The MS 310 sports a powerful 59cc (3.6 cu. In) engine that puts out a respectable 4.0 BHP. With the power head weighing in at 13.0 lbs. it has a good power to weight ratio. The manufacturer recommends a bar length of 16" to 20" but many people have put on larger bars with some success.
I have the 20" bar on the saw I purchased and can attest to the power it possesses. This past winter I had three 20' lengths of dried Ash logs. I used my Poulan Pro 20" saw to try to cut these. I was able to make three and one half cuts on a tank of gas. (These were very hard logs) I purchased the Stihl MS 310 and the first thing I did was cut up the remaining logs with less than half a tank of gas. This is a very powerful saw. Logs in the picture were the next load pulled up. The ash logs were much bigger.

Stihl is an industry leader in quality. They are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified. "This means they meet rigid international manufacturing, environmental and quality standards". Stihl has been the number one selling brand of chainsaw for many years, and quality is the reason. The quality of service is also outstanding. Stihl sells its chainsaws through independent dealers, not big box retailers. This means you can rest assured you are buying a chainsaw from the people who will actually be servicing it. They also have hands on experience with their product and can guide you in deciding which chainsaw is right for you.

The Stihl Ms 310 has state of the art features that will increase your firewood cutting efficiency.
First are the toolless fuel and oil caps. They have a flip-up top that makes them easy to grasp to open and close. The caps are also bayonet type without having to screw then on and off, just a push and twist and you are done. The flip tops felt a little flimsy to me and I can envision myself breaking one off. It took me a few times of filling the saw to get used to the bayonet caps. Twice I thought I had the oil cap secured but it popped off dumping the oil.

The next feature is the side-adjust chain tensioner. This is a screw slot between the two chain nuts that gives a quick, easy way to adjust the chain. Some of the other models have a Quick chain adjuster that is even easier to use, but it is not offered on the MS310. (yes I lost one of the bar nuts right away LOL but they gave me a new one free)

The last feature is the Intellicarb compensating carburetor." Measures air on clean side of air filter and adjusts metering diaphragm in carburetor". What this does is changes your air mixture as your air filter begins to plug up and allows the saw to continue to run on the same air fuel mixture for even power output. The air intake also has a setting for warm and cold weather to keep it running in top shape no matter your conditions.
The power, quality and features available on the Stihl MS 310 make it a top choice for the firewood cutter who wants to get the most for his money.
All quotes are from Stihl power tools and accessories booklet.
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scoutinlife said...

Hello my friend, Great review I have the Stihl 210 16inch bar with the easy start. When I need a bigger saw I have a buddy thats a logger I borrow it! LOL great post!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for that insight. I am a strong believer and I konw that God is directing me to this saw. I know that sounds crazy but in the long run i want to use this saw for God's glory. Thank you again

Randy said...

Here is a way you can do that...

Chainsaw units are in demand all the time