Monday, September 28, 2009

I admit that sometimes I'm not the brightest person...

But this was almost plain stupid.
(note: I share some of my stupid mistakes so others can learn from them)
I was down in the woods on Saturday scoping out what logs to cut.
We have (had) a large 4 foot diameter hollow red oak standing right by the trail I drive in on.
I thought I would burn some leaves in it and see if I could smoke a coon out.
After a bit nothing showed so I stomped out the leaves.
Later Saturday I was down there again and noticed it was smoldering so I stomped it some more and buried the coals.
Sunday afternoon a friend calls and says "Where are you?" I said "at home" and he said "well your fence row in on fire."
I took the truck and some shovels plus some jugs of watter and we got it out for good this time.
And where the mighty 40 foot tall by 4 feet around oak once stood is only a pile of ash.
I guess they teach you all that stuff about putting out your fire when you are a kid for a reason.
My kids got to learn that dad makes mistakes sometimes too.

Oh did I mention the fence row was bordering acres and acres of dry unharvested soybeans.
Thank You God for watching over fools.

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