Friday, January 28, 2011

Product review - Cobra big bore derringer

The Cobra “Big Bore” derringer is designed to provide personal protection in a package that is affordable, is easily concealed and has ample stopping power.

This derringer is called “Big Bore” for a reason. Available in five calibers from .22 mag. up to the 38 special it packs more punch than standard small caliber derringers. This example is the .38 special.

It is quite a hand full shooting regular PMC 132 grn FMJ. THIS GUN IS NOT RATED FOR +P AMMO

Derringers are designed to be shot at close range, and with an eleven-pound trigger pull accuracy beyond a few feet is iffy at best, unsupported with this hard trigger pull I was lucky to hit the backstop. These six shots were shot at six feet from a solid rest. The front sight was placed at the bottom of the green square. As you can see it was a six inch spread, with the two barrels grouping differently.

The only mechanical problems has been the screw on the locking lever loosening up. It needs a shot of loc-tight.

A couple positives...

Coming in under $150 the “Big Bore” is affordable by most people on a budget. According to Cobra’s website you can get options of a standard black powder coat or several custom finishes. You can also get four different grip colors.

-Easily Concealed
The “Big Bore” is a small package that weighs in at 14oz. empty. At just over four and one-half inches it can be carried all day without even noticing you have it with you unless you need it.

Overall it does what it is supposed to do. Namely deliver two .38 special rounds at point blank range.

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