Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Engaging your World (Walking your walk)

As a Christian dare I say survivalist it seems sometimes as if by preparing for an uncertain future we are at the same time disengaging ourselves from the world around us. Many times I would like nothing better than to build a 30' wall around our property and sit contentedly behind it waiting for whatever the world seeks to push over the top of it.

But as bible believing Christians we are to be in the world but not of the world. I need reminded of this almost daily, and so I am very grateful to Chuck Colson and Breakpoint . I listen to Chuck just about every morning on the radio on my way to work.

Chuck is all about living our lives while embracing our Christian worldview. So what is a "Christian Worldview"?

It is how we SHOULD view the world and interact with, it in light of our faith.

Many times professing Christians are really no different that secular Humanists when it comes to everyday issues. Many Christians leave their "faith" at the church door when they walk out on Sunday. It's so easy to fall into old comfortable habits. I'm not talking about sin here, I am talking about the thought process we use when we think about things in general.

From the evening news to the sports or sitcoms we watch we think about the entertainment value, but what about the God value? How did that newscast effect the kingdom of God? Did that sitcom just make an off color joke about God and we thought it was funny? How about misinformation? Did we fall into the trap of "well I can't do anything about it"?

Faith is THE foundation on which we SHOULD build our lives. We say we believe what the bible teaches but do we really live that way?

Not that we can do anything at all about lots of things but everything we see and I mean everything should be evaluated in light of our faith and how it affects our walk and our witness.

Back to Chuck...
He sponsors a program called the" Centurions".
Read his commentary from a couple day ago.

Centurions are believers trains to specifically engage their world with a Christian world view.
If we all could learn to recognize our world view, and align it closer to Christs, we would have an untold impact on the world we live in.

Still clinging to my God and my guns,

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