Sunday, July 17, 2011

Hey you dang woodchucks!

Quit chuckin' my wood!

We have woodchucks (ground hogs) around here.
The farmer who rents our field planted soybeans this year and the buggers like to eat bean when they are small and taste good.

I usually get to shoot three or four every year as I see them out in the bean field.

This year I shot five and was still seeing them! Plus they were getting really skittish. The beans have been eaten in a large semi-circle around my farm barn about 20 yards deep!

After shooting five I figured I had one left. I shot at him twice and missed (those are the only two misses this year) so he is being real spooky to get a shot at.

So I decided to set the live trap out and see if I could round up this last straggler. So what to use for bait??
I decided to try celery with a little peanut butter. Next morning I had a coon. Well great at least he wouldn't be after the chickens.
So I shot him and dumped him and reset the trap without bait. Next morning another coon, great again.

Next morning the trap was rolled over like a coon was on top and it tipped. So I took the trap and mashed down some tall weeds and stuck it there with the weeds on each side. It looks like a tunnel now running into the weeds.

I caught three more ground hogs since I have done that a little over a week ago.

So the score is Randy 8 - ground hogs ?

We'll just have to see how many more there actually are out there.

I am becoming a big believer in live traps. If I were fur trapping this one would of paid for itself in coon pelts quickly. I bought it a couple years ago when we had meat chickens out in a chicken tractor and the coons were getting them. It really does a number on the coons.

Still clinging to my God and my guns,

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