Friday, March 2, 2012

A Look At The Tao of Rusty

Rusty asked me to take a look at The Tao of Rusty and see what I thought. I spent some time going through it over a couple days this week and figured I should let all you know about it.

My honest first impression at seeing an eastern religion symbol along with the name, combined with Christian references was..."this guy is kinda confused." LOL But that passed quickly as I started reading his how to's.

His picture how to's are arranged along the top of the site. I found the info to be solid, and I even learned a couple things. I tried listening to Rusty radio but my old laptop at work and my older desktop at home didn't let me.

He's got a chat board right in the middle of the sure to leave him a comment or ask him a question. I know interaction makes someone going to all this trouble feel like it's worth it. He does this for free to make the info available for everyone.

The Dilbert cartoon was funny enough that everyone at work got a chuckle out of it since their survival plan is to show up at my house...LOL (altho I'm much better armed than poor Dilbert)

Some videos at the bottom along with a prep vids link at the top give you access to some video prepping info.

There are a couple other links tucked here and the ubiquitous Altoids can survival kit.
The only thing negative I have to say is the layout is kinda all over the place...BUT the info is worth taking the time to find stuff.

Rusty has a good solid site here at The Tao of Rusty be sure and visit check out the how to's and if you have better comps than me listen to Rusty sure to leave a comment in the chat box so Rusty knows you were there.

Still clinging to my God and my guns,

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