Thursday, April 18, 2013

Let them eat garbage...

The Senate vote yesterday showed that some senators actually have a few brain cells left.
But from the editorials in today's papers many big city editors don't.

Dana Milbank of the Washington post wrote "Courage was in short supply" of the Senators who voted against the attack on the second amendment.  --True courage would be standing on founding principles when others want to attack freedom in the name of safety.

New York Times editors wrote "The Senate Fails Americans" --The senate actually stood up and protected American rights for once.

An OpEd in the LA Times said "That shameful failure is yet another powerful reminder of how difficult it is to make progress on gun control at the federal level."
-- Gun control is a shameful failure of liberal minds attempting to make people bow to their world view.

A Chicago Tribune editor wrote  "A Vote for Violence" -- LOL give me a someone in the murder capitol of the U.S. which by the way has the most restrictive gun laws already in place knows how to curb violence.

The Chicago Sun Times wrote "Outrageous Rejection" of Anti-Violence" -- See note above...

Rolling Stone Magazine wrote "45 Percent of the Senate Foils 90 Percent of America" --I wonder which 90% they are thinking of...maybe 90% of the liberal elite who couldn't think their way out of a wet paper bag.

And finally the editors of Bloomberg write "Rural America vs. Sensible Gun Control" --If they want to frame this as cities vs rural areas, they need to be reminded of where their food comes from. Cities are far from sustainable places to live. If we stopped sending our food to them soon the would be eating their garbage.

That sounds like a good rallying cry "Let Them Eat Garbage!"

Still clinging to my God and my (legal for now) Guns,

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