Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Looking for a Bunker?

Came across a site called Bunker Network that attempts to match up people looking for bunkers or even space in a common share bunker.

I talked a bit to the owner and he asked me if I would mention it on my blog. I normally don't go in for paid subscription sites but in this case with it being such a specialized site, along with  people looking for bunkers generally being able to afford a nominal fee like this one, I decided it might be of use to some of the folks who come around this blog.

How many of us would like to be able to afford a converted missile silo or have a custom bunker built in our back yard or at a remote property.

Bunker Network can hook you up with pre-made places or people who have room for others in their bunker.

It may or may not be for you but if you can afford it you should check it out.

Still clinging to my God and my guns,

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