Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Article on probiotics and catch up

Yes it's been a tough winter.
I have finally started writing again.
Here is my latest, an article on probiotics.

The human body is full of countless bacteria, some harmful and many beneficial. Probiotics are microorganisms (mainly bacteria) that are the same or very similar to the good bacteria that lives in the human digestive tract or gut. They are available as supplements or can be found in foods you eat or can add to your diet.
Probiotics work in your gut to break down various substances in your food so that your body can absorb them better. They also compete with harmful bacteria and are especially useful during and following a round of antibiotics, because antibiotics tend to kill both good and bad bacteria. In many cases probiotics work like a mulch in your garden by preventing the weeds (bad bacteria) from growing while your vegetables (good bacteria) get a head start....

You can read more HERE

I went and spent some of our tax return and bought a Stihl ms 310 chainsaw.
There is a review coming.
I have to teach at church tonight, then preach Sunday night and then teach again next Wed.

I had a trip to the ER last week.
I was having chest, shoulder and arm pain. Turns out it was just a perfect storm of the little things that are wrong with me. My acid reflux, ulnar nerve problems and pulled muscle in my back from cutting wood. So things are ok health wise.
Tanya on the other hand is not getting any better with her allergies. It might be this old farm house with its damp basement and probable mold.
Dad said if it turns out to be the house to not feel like we have to keep the farm. I told him if we sell the farm we are going back to Colorado, and he said he knew that.
So if that happens we will work on homesteading and survival there, which was my original plan before my grandparents farm became available.
Tanya has started seeing an alternative treatment doctor that people on the allergy forum she is on have had good luck with. The really good thing is he's only 10 miles away and there are people driving 6 hours just to see him. So we will see what happens with that.

We are out of wood.
I had a delivery of 2 1/2 cords of sawmill slab-wood scheduled for Feb. 2nd but we got snowed in that week. I could get the 4x4 truck out but Tanya was stuck at the house all week and the dumptruck wouldn't come down our lane to deliver. We are burning propane now and had to have the service guy come to fix it before it would work right. ( I guess thats what we get for not using it for 3 years) I have another load of wood coming March 3rd so hopefully we will be back on the wood furnace then. The fields and woods are too muddy to cut in right now, maybe if we stay cold I can cut this weekend.

I think that about catches up.
Sorry I was so remiss in my posting.
I see we past 5000 visitors while I was gone, and lots of cool flags in the flag counter.



scoutinlife said...

Thanks for the update was wondering about ya!

Merry said...

For your acid reflux, get a piece of ginger root. Slice a nickel-sized piece from an end. Peel. Drop in water and boil. Drink. Do this every time you feel the acid. Use a new piece each time. You will heal in about a year and evnetually not have to use OTC meds at all.

For the ulnar tunnel syndrome. Adjust your keyboard so that wrists are level with elbows when you type. Rest your wrist on a guard when you use the mouse. Ask a spouse or other person to find your "funny bone nerve." Begin massaging there with thumbs, and move up and down the the nerve on the inner side of your upper elbow about 4 inches. You can do this with veggie oil or petroleum jelly. Do this for at least 15 minutes, then take pain reliever.

Take an old tube sock, fill with rice and tie off. Nuke 2 minutes in a microwave, then wrap in a towel. Nest sore elbow in the rice bag. Alternatively, you can nest the elbow in a bag of frozen veggies to reduce swelling.

You can make rice bags various sizes if someone sews. Drop some lavender or cloves in them if you don't like the burnt popcorn cooked smell. Lavender calms. Cloves just smells good. (grin)


Merry said...

PS: I am not a doctor, nor do I pretend to be one. These methods worked for me and I am simply passing them along for you to try, should you choose.