Friday, February 27, 2009

This winter on the homestead

It sure has been slow here as far as homesteading projects go.
Wood, wood and wood have been the projects.

We have 4 chickens left of the six we bought in October. We have yet to get an egg and they were supposedly ready to lay. We got spoiled with our first chickens. They were red sex links and you could count on an average of 20 eggs every day from 24 chickens day in and day out all through the winter.

We tried black sex links and did not like them near as much since they were much more flighty and didn't lay as well for us. The Red's were the only chickens who ever paid for themselves by selling of the eggs. One of these days I will sit down and post a detailed rundown of our chicken experience with our 4 or 5 different batches.

Spring is in the air.
Tanya found some radischio that wintered over and is growing. She is going to put in spinach lettuce and maybe peas soon, into the herb garden.

Working on a new/old ministry .
I have felt lead for years to do a pastors retreat. I figured I might start a new blog dedicated to looking for the right person to finance the whole thing. Tanya and I are kicking around calling it "A Quite Place Pastoral Ministry".
We would have a homestead with cabins and small lodge where pastor could come and recharge in a Pastoral setting. We would focus on Stewardship and natural living with what God provides us.



scoutinlife said...

This winters been cold and hard on my chickens not laying hardly at all... Going to be adding more this year working on bartering for about 12 or so for the end of March or April.... Good reading another good post from you..

afrompa said...

My husband and I have a vision of doing the same thing someday. Origially we thought of a beach retreat but we're really getting into this organic gardening thing and storing up we might have to revise our vision and move our dreaming to a farmland site instead. :)