Sunday, March 1, 2009

Found this while reading...

Supreme court justice William O. Douglas said...

"We need exercise as individuals. We need to keep physically fit and alert as a people. ... History is the sound of heavy boots going upstairs and the rustle of satin slippers coming down. Nations that are soft and slack--people who get all their exercise and athletics vicariously--will not survive when the competition is severe and adversity is at hand. It is imperative that America stay fit. For today we face great danger, as fearsome a risk, as any people in History."

Hard to believe those words were written four decades ago.
History truly repeats itself over and over. Lets learn from it one of these times.

Still clinging to my God and my guns


Anonymous said...
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Randy said...

You're welcome,
Actually I was trying to inject some humor in the BC post.
And I love gas station food...just ask my wife.

Charmingia Hardassia said...

Amen to that, reminds me I have to get back to the gym next week!