Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A saner view of HR 875 ? plus burning the fields

Here is a more optimistic view of HR875. LINK
I think the best part is hardly anyone thinks it will actually pass, which is good news.

I spent the last two evenings burning my plots in preparation of spring tilling.
I know everyone says don't burn because it kills soil life,worms etc.
The soil right now is cold and wet, nothing was harmed by me burning my weeds and crop residue. I do make sure and walk through the area first and pick out all the praying mantis egg sacs. Then I keep an eye out while I am watching the fire because I seem to miss 75% of them the first time. I picked up about 20 of them this time. I usually take them and spread them out evenly around where my new crop will go in .

Last year I had the bright idea of selling them on ebay.(they bring a pretty good price) so I gathered up about 30 of them, put them on my enclosed porch and promptly forgot about the whole thing until I got an email at work from Tanya one day telling me we had a million tiny mantis's crawling around our porch eating each other. I made sure and left them outside this year.

Still clinging to my God and my guns,

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