Saturday, March 26, 2011

Went to Lehmans

We went to Lehmans last weekend.
This is an annual spring event for us, but this year was different.

They had a flood a few weeks ago and had all the flood damaged merchandise marked 50% off.
They had no flood insurance so they are needing to make even more sales to make up for all the damage. they have a pretty large area devoted to flood damaged stuff. But still at 50% off some of it is pricey.

We had a get together at our place last year for some folks I know from online. It has become an annual event also...4 years now. One of the guys that comes is from over in that area and told us about their regular markdown area. (we had never found it before) It is in the upstairs portion of the toy department. (where the train runs around)

Found lots of good stuff up there, if you make it to Lehmans be sure and hit the upstairs.

While I was picking up a few more spiles for next years maple syrup I got into a nice conversation with a couple from the Cleveland area. They ended up getting a few also so they could tap their yard trees next year.

I also spied the old guy from all the cardboard cutouts with the white beard and hair. I was so tempted to walk up to him and shake him and say "just trying to see if you're the real one" LOL

Still clinging to my God and my guns,

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