Saturday, May 25, 2013

30 Days of Survival - Day 1 - Do You Want to Survive?

Do you want to survive if some catastrophe happens around you?

If you do, how do you plan on doing it? Luck?

If you live on a hurricane coast do you have a hurricane kit that will allow you to shelter in place for a couple days like FEMA advises?

If you live in a tornado alley do you have a shelter to get to in case of a warning?

All prepping  and survival  is, is looking at things that can go wrong and then planning accordingly what actions to take if they do. You have car insurance and home insurance why not take some time to make a plan.

Step 1
Play the "What if " game.
Writers do this all the time to come up with story can use it to figure out what you are truly planning to survive.

The easy one is "What if we hear a tornado warning and it was headed right for our house"? Do you know what you would do? Do you have a plan?

No tornado's? How about " You get a reverse 911 call telling you there is an escaped murderer in your neighborhood and to lock your doors"? What do you do?

What if the new avian virus they are tracking turns into something like the 1918 spanish flu? Can you survive staying away from others? or is your plan to help all those you can? what will you do if you get sick? what about your family?

What if the new GMO crops fail in the field this year?

As you can see the list could be endless but it really breaks down into just a few categories

- sickness
- security
- food
- natural disaster
- etc.
Play what if's with things you think likely to happen in your area...prepping is an individual sport and I can't tell you what you need to prep for.

Step 2
Make a plan

Once you have identified what you think likely to affect you, make a plan to deal with it.

Can you deal with it in your home by staying put or will you need to flee to somewhere safe?
A note on leaving...never become a refugee... have plan for where you will go...and a backup to that.

Step 3
Work your plan

Buy any materials your plan requires...if you need to shelter in place for three days make sure you have three days worth of food and water for everyone who will be with you.

If your plan requires a tool or skill, buy or make the tool and have it available and learn the skill

Prepping is only insurance for an uncertain future, it is easy to do and might even allow you to help others in a time of need.

Stay tuned for more tips in "30 Days of Survival"

Still clinging to my God and my guns,

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