Friday, May 31, 2013

30 Days of Survival - Day 4 - Join a Prepper Online Forum

Hopefully by now you have found a prepper / survivalist / homesteading / etc. blog to follow (along with mine of course).

What I would like you to do for day 4 of 30 Days of Survival is to join an online forum that talks about prepping. There are hundreds out there and you will need to spend some time finding one (or more ) that is right for you.

Several other seemingly unrelated forums have prepper sections that are very active. If you find a forum like this it counts too.

Here are a couple Forums I recommend...( I have been or am a member of these forums if you join tell em Toad Sticker sent you)

Homesteading Today
Lots of homesteading and animal information. Also has lots of good prepper and survival areas.
Backwoods Home Forums
Sponsored by Backwoods Home magazine...the Magazine is very Libertarian but they have learned that people are not grown up and moderate their forum closely...lots of good info.

Frugal Squirrels
I was a member here for over 10 years before the owner saw fit to ban me. The worst I will say about him is he is a little eccentric. If you can fit in, this place is a great place to learn from.

The Minion Report
My replacement for Frugals...populated by lots of folks who have been similarly banned from that sight...More Patriot oriented but still lots of good prepper info.

The Gulch or The Gulch
This forum was started by castoff's of the Backwoods home forum...not as active but still nice people and good info available.

Zombie Squad
I hesitate to include this one but in reality it is just a decent prepper site that pretends it is prepping for a zombie outbreak instead of all the other things to worry about.

There are a whole bunch more and maybe better forums out there to explore. In 30 Days of Survival - day 3 I gave you a link to the top 50 survival blogs this is a good place to start looking for a forum if you don't want to check out any of my suggestions.

So after you find a forum, what next?
Become part of the community, start asking questions. Be sure and answer any questions you might know the answer to. Inject your opinion into discussions. But most of all read and learn.

Make sure you keep your personal information to yourself, and be careful about revealing where you live.

Now work on that and stay tuned for day 5

Still clinging to my God and my guns,

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