Thursday, September 11, 2008

Playing with the boxes

Adding links and quotes, even put in adsense.
The Blog is hopefully going to be of value to the reader so I feel ads are ok.
If they annoy you ignore them like I do.
I am going to try to put up my first How-to this week end.
I have a liquid fertilizer maker that I made this summer.
It creates BLACK liquid mega compost tea. (More to come)

The corn is looking the best it has since we moved onto the farm.
I grow what started out as Mandan Bride Indian corn in 1999.
I live in the middle of corn country and it is impossible to isolate it so it crosses a little every year.
I have grown organically since we started here.
Every year the weeds get the best of us so this year I check planted the corn in hills and ran the tiller both directions between them.

Knee high by the forth of July with no added fertilizer.
It is between 6 and 9 feet tall today. Not as many or as large of ears as the roundup corn in the farmers field but it is more than enough to feed us.

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