Monday, September 29, 2008

777 End of the world? nope

Dow dropped 777 and change today.
The panic is all over the net, people want their money and don't want congress to give it to bad businesses.

Our "leaders" want the bailout to pass but they are afraid to be the one to vote for it with elections in five weeks. You know if this happened mid term they would pass some form of giving away our money to people who misused it to begin with.

We have been borrowing against our future for years and someday the payments are going to come due. Our country is a great nation but I don't see mention of it in the studies of the end times that I have done. Yes MAYBE we could be the great Babylon but I doubt it. I feel we are going to be unable to do anything when the whole world stands against Israel.

This means we will be destroyed or powerless. Either way it should serve as a wake up call to those who are on the fence about whether they should prepare or not. Have you taken care of your debt? Do you have a way to feed yourself? Keep yourself clothed, or a roof over your head?
If you had to could you take your family and live in the woods?

Think it's far fetched? read Mark chapter13 or Luke 21
I do not think the USofA will be a force in end times.
Many think we are coming into the very last days......if you do prepare.
Your first step if you haven't already taken it is to receive Christ as your savior.
Then you have taken care of your eternal preparations.


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