Saturday, September 20, 2008

Working in the woods

Cutting firewood was a little warm today, temperature was around 80.
It took a lot out of me, I guess I should add fitness to the preparing list.
I cut about a tank of gas worth of wood this afternoon.
I cut mostly red oak with one 20 foot length of ironwood and a little basswood.
I know basswood is terrible firewood but I burn it in the fall and spring when the demand is not as high and it does a good job. I can also burn dead wood I pick up off the ground at that time so I can save my good wood for the dead of winter.
The ole poulan pro seems to be running good in it's 3rd year. Not the best saw but the 20" bar cuts pretty good. Not even close to dad's 20" Johnsered but the Johnsered has about 15 more cc's. I am cutting up the smaller stuff in the woods and as soon as the corn is off I will start pulling logs up to the house with the tractor.

We had the woods logged three years ago and I have been cutting left over tops and whatever falls down. This is a view of a part that was logged looking northwest. Very overgrown with vegetation and lots of very small saplings. I am trying to set up a trail system that I will be able to make a circut in the woods to harvest wood in the future.

The picture was take from the same spot looking southwest. The whole woods is mixed like this now. I'm hoping the deer will like it and they will pay me back with venison. I noticed several very large basswood trees I would like to cut down. Plus there are some nice saleable trees that could be sold now but we will wait at least five more years. The forester said 10 years between cuttings is about right so it will probably be seven more. If I had the money I'd get a portable sawmill and load up on lumber.

Thoreau was right about wood warming you twice. Once when you cut and another when it is burnt.


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