Thursday, September 25, 2008

Two weeks and all's well / Freecycle

Here we are two weeks into The Prepared Christian blog and I haven't given up yet. (don't worry I'm not even thinking of it)
A quick check before I started writing shows 340+ total page views since we started two weeks ago. So that's a little more than double from our one week anniversary.

From the little bit of feedback I have gotten it seems you all are enjoying what little I have written so far. If you know me or have been around the forums I have frequented for the last nine years.(see my links on the right) You will know I post a lot of my mistakes hoping that someone will learn a lesson from it and not have to go through what I did. Some people don't see why I do this and think I am a clumsy fool but I hope you see different.

Some projects I am working on posting:
-I built an Outhouse from scraps
-loads and loads of lumber from a remodel at work
-raised beds out in the poor soil where the barn was torn down
-Tanya wants a cold frame to plant greens in. I picked some windows up from freecycle I can use for it.

Speaking of freecycle if you haven't joined a local freecycle group you really should.

What it is in a nutshell:
People post things they are willing to give away. People see these posts and if they are interested they will contact the poster and arrange a pickup. You can also post things you want or need and you never know you might get it.

Things I have gotten:
-laptop computer (old but ok for my writing)
-2 dozen blue ball canning jars
-the previously mentioned windows
-a Mac computer
-15 volume bible commentary from 1864 (not complete but awesome study)
-gas grill
-riding mower(needed work)
-brand new 2.5 briggs engine for a push mower
-boxes of books
-trash bags of cloths for the kids
-2000 baseball cards from the 80's and 90's (yes really 2000 of them in two nice plastic boxes delivered to my work)
-lots more.....

We have also listed several things to give away
- the Mac computer (realized I didn't really need it)
-lots of veggies from the garden
-a bunch of chickens more than once

You see this plain and simple recycling all of it free thus freecycle.
People give away yardsale leftovers all the time. I even saw someone who cleaned out their garage and said "come and get it". A person could make a small living if they stayed on top of all the stuff listed and then sold the good stuff on ebay. It is a Yahoo group and you can get emails every time someone posts in your area. I am signed up for two areas since I live between two small cities.

Don't be bashful about leaving a comment here about The Prepared Christian
Tell me what you like or don't like.
Also what would you like to learn more about?
Their are so many avenues to explore in this lifestyle it would be impossible for one family to go down them all.

I am working on a study in Matthew 25 about the ten virgins.
This will probably be the next bible study I post.


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