Friday, October 3, 2008

3 weeks and the outhouse

Last night was three weeks of The Prepared Christian Blog.
I have not been up to par with my writing since I have been under the weather.
Everything I have written this last week sounds really weird.

I was asked to write a Bio and provide a picture for a website to be a "featured writer" so we will see what comes of that. I will put in a link if and when it gets on the site. Who knows maybe it will be my 15 minutes of fame. The website is RFD America it's a pretty cool new site dedicated to providing rural Americans news and commentary that is geared toward us, not just the population centers.

I promised some info on the outhouse I built.
I went and took a couple pictures since a picture is worth a thousand words.

Here is an outside view of the finished product.
I started with a basic pallet and put on a plywood floor. Then I built a frame of scrap 2x4's and sheathed it with the scrap sign material I have talked about in the past. This was the plastic only stuff and I just nailed it on and trimmed it to fit with my pocket knife. I put a small chunk of metal roofing I had on for the roof.

The door is a banner with metal "D" rings on the corners I got from the same sign shop that I get all the used sign board. It was for a fireman's fund raiser and when it was over they threw them away(I have one more stashed away). I have it nailed in three places and it closes up the opening really well.

Here is the inside shot of the outhouse.
Again a frame of scrap 2x4's was used with a piece of plywood with a hole cut to hold the seat.
The five gallon bucket gets an inch or two of sawdust or grass clippings in the bottom. One coffee can holds a roll of TP the other has sawdust. I wrote instructions on the wall with marker.
"when you are finished put a handful of sawdust in the bucket"
When the bucket gets close to full the contents will be buried in the woods. This has not happened yet as we use this very seldom and the contents seem to compost down well.

The outhouse is very light. I pulled it down to the woods with a tow rope and my truck. But to get it where I wanted it I just pulled it by hand with the tow rope. The sign board is translucent so a lot of light gets in and it is not dark inside.

The only thing I don't like about it is that it is white and can be seen from the road.
That about wraps up the outhouse.

I am starting a new schedule today. I got up at 4am did some exercise, showered, checked my internet stuff and then started writing. If I am going to get serious about writing I need to make more time for it and this is the only part of the day not taken up. Keep me in your prayers so I can be more consistent and helpful.



Andi said...

I never thought of making an outhouse for a sawdust toilet. I keep thinking we need an outhouse, but I haven't wanted to dig a hole in this hard clay. Maybe I'll make a combination tool shed/sawdust outhouse. There's a sawmill across the road, so sawdust shouldn't be too hard to find. :-) I'm a member at Frugal's (Andi), too, although I don't post much. I like your blog. Stay safe!

Randy said...

Thanks for the comment.
I really like Frugal's although I'm not allowed to mention my writing or blog stuff there. I see it as a valuable resource if you filter out the real wacko's.