Thursday, October 30, 2008

Since last time

Not been writing much this last week as you can see.
Got a call Tuesday evening while I was eating dinner.
My second cousin who is a taxedermist hunt for deer in our woods.
His wife was on the line saying he had got a really big one and needed some help.
So I bundled up and made my way out to where he has his stand. I saw some very large tracks in the corn as I worked my way across the cornfield. I finally found him cleaning out a very large 8 point buck. This is the nicest buck I have seen on the place since I have been here. It had a beautiful bronze pelt. He thinks he might do a hlaf mount since it is such a nice looking buck.

Firewood is the theme of the season. I have cut every weekend in October and have been burning the furnace all month also. Working slowly by myself on Saturday I cut just about what I burn in a week. I need to work harder and longer to get ahead for the winter.

I am a little frustrated with writing.
I am working on an article about sun rendered fish oil and its uses.
I submitted a title to Helium "Making and Using Sun Rendered Fish Oil"
They rejected it and in the email they said "we didn't know if this has to do with cooking or sun bathing"
I think if someone is looking up sun rendered fish oil they will know generally what it's used for.
Otherwise why look it up?

My camera software still won't work but I do have a cheapy camera I might get to work so pictures may be coming back.

I picked 6 or 8 rows of my corn by hand this last week.
It takes a lot longer than I thought it would.
I had gone through it the last couple weeks and picked out a few ears to use for seed next year.
I found maybe two or three more. I do know I really need to use more fertilizer, I have too many small ears. It is interesting to see all the genetics involved. I have al kinds of different ears.
I will try to get the other 30 or so rows picked as time allows.

When I was going to help Marv with his buck I noticed lots of blown over corn in the rented field.
Hurricane Ike did a number of corn around here. I am going to have to figure out an incentive plan for the kids to ick up the ears. Maybe a penny an ear would do it for them.

I get to teach next wednesday night. We will be looking at Job 5. I know I will get as many blank stares as I got a couple weeks ago when I taught Job 4.

I will endeavor to write more often.

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