Saturday, October 4, 2008

Writing is getting fun

I mentioned the opportunity I might get being a featured writer on RFD America.
Check this out LINK
I have written most of my adult life but it has been mostly for myself. In the 90's I wrote a couple articles for a local magazine in Colorado. I started posting on forums in 1999 and it has progressed from one sentence posts, to articles written on Helium, and this blog. Now here I am writing more than I ever thought I would. Plus it looks like there are more and more opportunities for the future than I ever thought possible.

I have a novel I am working on (Don't we all LOL). I put up the first chapter in rough draft form when I joined Helium in January. I have noticed all of a sudden in the last month or so that excerpt has been read quite a bit. I think I had better edit it and get in gear finishing the whole thing just in case some publisher stumbles across it and likes it. I have posted some chapters on Frugals and on the Gulch but am going to have to rework those since they got posted as I wrote and are going to have to be replotted to follow along the main story.

I was thinking back on writing and recalled the first story I remember writing. It was a space monster story about this alien that killed everyone on a spaceship except for the last person alive who killed it. I think it was sixth grade or so, before Alien the movie came out.

John at Frugals (Frugal himself) encouraged me in this way. He said to me "You seem like you have something to say". I would encourage anyone who has" something to say" to get writing and share with the world. The internet makes it easy.......If you want to try Helium contact me and I will send you an invitation.


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