Thursday, October 16, 2008

lamb and mashed potatoes

In August we had a get together here at the homestead for folks that post on Frugals forums.(see link at right) Brother Silicon and his wife brought a Shetland ram that we butchered as a demo.

I dug out the old butchering tripod from one of the sheds and we set in to skinning. To kill the ram with we used an old Quackenbush .22 that was this farms butchering gun. I don't have any pics of the actual butchering since I was gabbing with the others while it was going on.

Swamprat is shown here cutting up some meat to stir-fry. He put it in a wok with ghee(clarified butter) and onions, then added curry spices. I ate some stuffed in a pita and I can tell you it was extremely good. He set the wok right on the charcoal grill after I had BBQ'd a nice chunk of meat.

This was the BBQ'd hunk-o-lamb a little tough but very tastey.
At the end of the day Brother Silicon and His wife told us we could keep what was left of the meat so we all divied it up.
Last week Tanya took out a piece and roasted it. She also took a bunch of our potato harvest and made dirty mashed potatoes.(mashed with the skins still on) A couple cans of store bought sweet corn rounded out the meal. I ate it for three nights in a row it was sooooo good.


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