Thursday, October 30, 2008

Do I have Stupid written on my forehead?

I keep getting filth mail from AHSA or American hunters and shooters association.
What a load of drivel.
They are trying to tell me that Obama is better on gun rights than McCain.
First I will say I am officially voting third party.
Chuck Baldwin has my vote for president.

But I won't stand by and let some idiot spread lies about John McCain in the name of gun owners.

First accusation is that McCain appeared in a gun control ad.
If asking parents to lock up guns so children can't get them is gun control then ok he did.

Next they go to left field. (remember this is a gun "rights" organization)
My comments after the +

* McCain publicly opposed a road building ban on 50 million acres of national forest.
+ great, I grew up in the west and hated how the liberals had closed off more roads year after year.

*McCain supports Bush economic policies
+What does this have to do with gun control?

*McCain supports bad trade deals with China
+Again has to do with gun rights exactly how???

*McCain opposed billions of dollars of conservation funding in the farm bill
+ Again gun rights?

These loons have come out of left field to try and take the heat off of a candidate that is from one of the most gun hating cities in the USSR er.... I mean America.
Obama has voted for every piece of gun control legislation that he has seen.
Don't be fooled by misdirection and outright lies on the part of a liberal front for gun control.
And for the sake of your rights don't give these vermin any of your hard earned dollars.


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