Sunday, December 14, 2008

How to process a deer part 3 cutting and packaging

This is the final part of how to butcher your deer.

When you have the meat off of the bones it is time to cut and package it.
First take your two backstraps and cut off the membrane and dried parts so you have clean meat to cut.

Like this:

After it is cleaned of membrane I cut the backstraps into medallions.
On a larger animal you can get some excellent steaks from this filet mignon.

cut medallions like this:

Next grab one of the muscle groups you have boned out and start to clean the membrane, fat and gristle off.

Until you get something like this nice roast.

You can also cut this into steak if you prefer.
Always cut meat across the grain if you are making steaks.

Like this:

Continue on with all muscle groups.
Odd pieces of good meat can be made into stir fry or stew meat.
You can also use any of the meat you would use for steak or roast.

Cut it in pieces like this:

After you have all the "good" meat cut it's time for burger.
You can turn the whole thing into burger if you like.
Start by cutting the good meat away from tendons and membrane.

Like this:

Then get your bones and clean them up of all the meat you can cut off.
When I was young this was the job for us kids. We had to clean up all the bones and toss the meat in the burger cooler.

still some meat:

Some here on the carcass also.

We run it through the meat grinder at least twice.
Once very course and the second time on the middle setting.
We add no fat or suet to the meat. We won't be making hamburgers from it so when you brown it just add a little water or oil to keep it from sticking.

Here is Tanya grinding burger:
(looks thrilled I know)

When you are done cutting it is time to wrap.
If you want it to last a long time in your freezer wrap it in plastic wrap before putting it in your freezer paper.
I ate some elk that was wrapped this way that was over 5 years old and wasn't freezer burnt. (I wouldn't make a habit of it though)
Since this was a tiny deer and it will get eaten quickly we skipped the plastic and just used freezer paper.
The meat goes against the shiny side of the paper.

Like this:

Then just wrap it up and make sure and write the date and what type of meat is in the package.

Once we mistakenly cooked some loin in the crockpot and it turned to mush.

This wraps up how I butcher a deer, or an elk for that matter.
It may not be the best way but it's how I have come to do it.

Still clinging to my God and my guns

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