Saturday, December 27, 2008

Plumbing the vacation away...

Spent the day today replumbing the house.
My sister is remodeling our upstairs bathroom as a Christmas gift.
She tore out lots of lathwork and the toilet and sink yesterday and hauled it all to our dumpster.
(We have a nice roll-off dumpster sitting in the front yard)
Gonna bust up the cast iron tub in place with a sledge hammer.
Anyway, we had to cut out the old Iron pipes and run new plastic everywhere.
I kind of like it because it's like playing with tinker toys, but I'm also stressed hoping it won't leak all over.
So we now have the water back on with shut off valves up to the upstairs run.
Lots of fun cutting the old Iron pipe out with a sawzall. (not really)
When we had done stuff in the past we had just run plastic off of the old iron near where we were working.
We had all kinds of black iron coming out of the faucets, I think it was a result of hooking the softener up to the old iron pipe and the salt eating away at the build up and finally sending it out the faucets. (it was getting to be a real mess up in the bathroom we are re-doing)
Now the only Iron is about three feet of our plumbing tree where our softener is hooked in.(only 5 years old)
I have copper where the hot water systems are tied together.(2 years)
Doesn't seem to any problems so far.

Still clinging to my God and my guns,

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