Monday, December 22, 2008

Yes I'm a failure...

We are out of wood!!.
It was -1 last night the house got down to 58.
My last sharp chain was messed up and would not hardly cut the big logs we have drug up to the house.
I asked dad if he would come and cut them with his big Jonsered saw.
He came and cut 3 or 4 pieces and his saw quit running.
So we will be on propane by the morning.
Just can't keep up with the wood demand of this furnace doing it all by myself.
I do have five or six 10-20 inch x 10-12 feet long logs up at the house but no way to cut them until tomorrow.
So much for being prepared..... But I guess I do have 400 gallons of propane sitting there so it's not too bad.

Still clinging to my God and my guns


scoutinlife said...

Hope you get the chains a going again! Did the last summer chain went down dull quick didn't have a spare! Fixwd that the next day now I have 3 chains........But u do have back up with the gas which is a good thing!

FarmerGeek said...

Hey, just found the blog. Good to know that there are others out there speaking their beliefs in Christ!

If I may ask... what are you burning the wood in? An auxilary furnace, a wood stove, a fireplace? And how much had you stored up and cut up prior to this winter?

Good luck with getting more cut!

Randy said...

You can see a picture of the furnace in this post.....
I have never been able to get ahead during the summer cutting.
Winter is the best time to cut here but have decided to do some next summer even if I have to run over some crops to get to the woods.
All the projects just keep pushing back wood cutting.... I usually have a lot more help from family but I think they decided to let me do it myself this year. This is only my third winter with it so I still haven't got it fine tuned yet.