Thursday, December 4, 2008

The last two weeks have been a challenge

On an up note we will hit 2500 page views today!!!!

It started two weeks ago when I fell will trying to catch the cat as it ran up the stairs.
I hit the elbow that has been giving me trouble. I don't know what the problem is with it but it aches and is warm.
The fall has healed. (the trouble with the elbow preceded the fall)
After that dad came over and we cut wood. We pulled up 13 logs with the tractor, problem is I have burnt most of them. LOL
Here they are after I cut most of them into lengths.

Picture of the Ford 9N dad restored for me. It's what I use for most of my farm work.

The next week was Thanksgiving so I didn't get any wood cut.

Friday I had the kids help me pick the last of the corn. They didn't want to help but I kept telling them that this is what families do, they work together. They did as much as 7,5 and 3 yo kids could do.

Saturday we had "Thanksmas" most of my cousins and there kids came over to my Grandma's house and we had a second Thanksgiving. I went out in the woods early and cut a load of wood that morning (good thing)

Monday rolled around and I tweeked my back while I was loading the furnace. Now I have a messed up elbow and a sore back. Going to be interesting cutting wood this weekend.

Here is the furnace with the wind break we built behind it.

I'm done with my little pity party now....

Still clinging to my God and my guns


scoutinlife said...

Hope the aches an pains go away soon my friend! Great that you get the kids envolved down the road they will appreciate these lessons... Sweet tractor by he way!

Shrav said...

self grown corns are amazing!!:)