Sunday, June 2, 2013

30 Days of Survival - Day 5 One for me, One for a Friend

For day five of 30 days of survival we are going to start working on your pantry. Your pantry is your food supply. If you couldn't walk out your door for an undetermined amount of time this is what you have to live on.

How long would that be?

Your first pantry goal should be to have a 30 day supply of food for each person in your household on hand.

"But I can't afford that"! you say.

Trust me I understand.

So how do you start building up your pantry to a basic 30 day level?

You start with the one for me, one for a friend technique, every time you go grocery shopping. When you buy a canned good or some other food that won't spoil, you buy one extra (one for a friend). If you do this with one or two things every trip you will never notice the increase in cost and soon you will have a small stockpile of food in your pantry.

Extra cans of tuna, soup, veggies, poptarts, sardines, canned fruit or coffee...all this will store well. Just make sure you rotate your stock so the same can of tomatoes is not stuck in the back of your cupboard for five years and tastes metallic when you finally open it. (don't ask how I know) A good idea is to write the date on the top of the can when you put it away.

Boxed mixes need to be monitored closely, because sometimes they will get bugs even if unopened...I always tell my wife there is nothing in the buggy box that wasn't in there before the bugs hatched, but she still gets upset and throws it away or feeds it to the chickens.

You can do this with other things than food too. Ammo, toilet paper, toothpaste or even motor oil...anything you consume, and will store well.

After you have your 30 day supply of pantry food it is a good time to start buying small quantities of storage food. Freeze dried #10 cans, grain buckets, etc.
Most serious preppers strive for at least one year of storage food for each family member.

Start today and build up your pantry.

Still clinging to my God and my guns,

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