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30 Days of Survival - Day 8 - Buy a Book on Prepping

30 Days of Survival – Day 8 – Buy a book on prepping

Being the bibliophile I am, I own a lot of books. I am a firm believer of having information you might need at hand if possible. Do a little shopping and get a book on prepping that you can refer to again and again.

So prepping books teach skills or are good reads just for learning one or two things. I think you should have plenty of both kinds, but if you have none now, get an all around prepping book.

Here are some that I own(just a small sampling), with a little commentary of my own after each.

Cool book giving you lots of ideas for dumpster diving

The Self-Sufficient Life and How to Live It - by John Seymour 
Very good book on homesteading and being self sufficient                                                                  

 Life after Doomsday – by Bruce D. Clayton 
Detailed book on dealing with the after effects of nuclear war…excellent all around prepping book

Foxfire series – by George P. Reynolds, Eliot Wigginton and Foxfire Fund 
Lots of first hand interviews of people who have been living self sufficient lifestyles for generations

The Encyclopedia of Country Living: An Old Fashion Recipe Book – by  Carla Emery   
This is the very first prepping type book I ever bought. It has been through many editions even at least two since Carla died…We were one of her “testers” for one of her editions

The Survival Retreat by Ragnar Benson
Very good background info but not a lot of detailed instruction

Back to Basics by Readers Digest
Lots of basic prepping info

You Can Farm by Joel Salatin
Not a prepper book but has lots of info to get you thinking on how to be self sufficient

One Acre and Security by Bradford Angier
Details for living on an acre and feeding yourself

Living Well on Practically Nothing by Edward Romney
Good book and saving, making do and living on a lot less

Backwoods Home Magazine Anthologies by Backwoods Home Magazine
Years of articles on every aspect of prepping

Best of Backwoodsman by Backwoodsman Magazine
Several volumes out now. Another magazine that covers just about every aspect of prepping. This is my personal favorite magazine…If you are throwing any away I will take them!!!

Practical Skills by Gene Logsdon
Covers most basic homesteading skills

Small Scale Grain Raising by Gene Logsdon
Give detailed info for raising most small grains

The New Organic Grower by Eliot Coleman
How to grow most anything, anywhere, without chemical inputs

The Have More Plan By Ed and Carolyn Robinson
This is the book that launched the modern homesteading/prepper movement

Making the Best of Basics by James Talmage Stevens
The charts alone make this book worth buying…this would be a good one to especially if you are just starting out

Do your best to find something that speaks to you and study it well. Do a search on and read the will find something.

Still clinging to my God and my guns,


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