Thursday, June 6, 2013

30 Days of Survival - Day 7 - A Look at Batteries

Batteries... The world runs on batteries, do you ever have enough?

Years ago just about everything ran on "D" or "C" size, now it is "AA" or "AAA". The really good thing about that is you can get great deals on bulk packs of them and really stock up. The only thing I have to store D batteries for is my MagLite...and if I would spend the money I could get a rechargeable one like the police use now.

As I wrote in my article for Off the Grid News "Six Things Preppers Can Overlook" "Batteries (alkaline) stored at room temperature or cooler lose less than 2 percent of their charge per year. When the temps get up to 85, the rate climbs to 5 percent, and at 100, the rate is 25 percent. So, as you can see, cooler is better for storing batteries. You may have heard to store your batteries in the freezer, but experts say the colder temps add very little to storage life. A cool, dry place seems to be the best idea."

Rechargables lose their energy much quicker in storage than do alklines but have the advantage of being recharged. To be truly sustainable you should pick up a few solar chargers for your batteries. I say a "few" because they take quite a while to actually recharge those batteries so you might have a few sets recharging at a time.

So your assignment for day seven is to figure out what equipment you have that requires batteries. Figure out what size batteries you will need to run it, and start shopping for good deals so you can stock up. You better shop for some rechargables also along with a couple solar chargers.

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