Tuesday, June 4, 2013

30 Days of Survival - Day 6 - Three sources of light

For day Six of 30 Days of Survival we are going to look at your sources of light.

Most people in industrialized nations simply flip a switch when they need light...This holds true for some even in third world countries. The only difference is third world inhabitants know they can lose power at any time...sometimes for weeks on end.

I live in the corn belt of the Midwest between two small cities. I have lived here a little over ten years, and in that time we have lost power countless times. Twice we have lost power for a week at a time. True we are in a more rural area, but the last time was a year ago and someone I work with lives in the city (of 50k+) and was without power for two days longer than I. No matter where we live we may be without power for an extended period of time.

So let's look at a couple light sources...as the old saying goes "two is one and one is none"... Meaning if you need it one of something can get lost or broken and leave you without. It is better to have at least two of something just in case. That being said I recommend having at least three sources of light to fall back on in case of an extend emergency.

Candles are great for low light situations. They are cheap to stock up on if you watch for sales. (think after Christmas) And the open flame lends a calming effect to stressful situations. The drawback of course is the open flame which can be a fire hazard. Plus they are  easily blown out with air movement.

Oil Lamps
Oil lamps are a really good source of light and even heat. They are decorative when not in use and if you watch dollar store sales and clearance sales you can pick up lamp oil cheap. Oil lamps will burn Lamp oil, kerosene, Tiki fuel, citronella oil. Vegetable oil can be used but will plug your wicks and be smoky. Wicks can be improvised from folded paper towels if necessary.

Lanterns that burn whitegas or coleman fuel put out a lot of light and heat. They are a little noisy and use special mantels that may or may not last a long time depending on how careful you are.

Kerosene lanterns are basically an oil lamp made of metal with a handle to carry it. They put out a usable amount of light and can burn the same fuel as the oil lamp.

An LED battery powered lantern will last quite a while on a set of batteries and put out useable light. They are cheap and handy.

Everyone should have flashlights (as in more than one) in their home. I have a big D cell mag lite and a couple others that use LED's to create a bright light that uses little battery. lots of preppers will have a weapon light on one of their guns also. You should have a flashlight stashed in several handy places in your home, so you can get to a light without too much trouble no matter what you are doing when the lights go out.

Glow Sticks
Glow sticks are a fast disposable light source. I really don't care for them but I admit they are handy in certain situations. You can pick up a few and stash them around along with your flashlights.

So your job for this day is to figure out how you will get three different light sources that do not depend on each other to work. Choose these to see you through your powerless times.

Still clinging to my God and my guns,


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