Saturday, June 15, 2013

Gift ideas for your prepper dad

So what to get your prepper / survivalist dad....Hmmm...

What a hard question...

Here are some gift ideas for dad that you can get him anytime, not just fathers day.

-Kindle Fire
Oh how dad will enjoy downloading the latest survival manuals on his new Kindle fire. often gives away free downloads. Trust me dad will love watching Red Dawn on his Kindle as he shouts "WOVERINES"!

- Apple ipod touch 4g or newer
If your dad is into more than just reading. The ipod touch will let him take pictures and video to upload to his survival youtube channel. Costs a little more than a Kindle but it does a little more also. If you have lots of money go all out and get him an Apple ipad. (what a great kid you are)

-A gift card to
 Come on, what dad couldn't use a little dough to spend at everyone's favorite online hunting store?
If he isn't a Cabela's kind of guy try the sportsman's guide. They have something for everyone.

- A box of ammo
Get dad some cool ammo for his favorite gun. Make it something good like Hornady Zombie Max, your dad will thank you all the way through the zombie apocalypse.

- A Katadyn water filter
Dad can always use a good drink. Katadyn makes a plethora of different filters, you should be able to find one he likes.

- A Buck Knife
Come on who can't use a good Buck knife? If not a Buck how about  one from

- A case of MRE's
All I can say is YUMMY!

- Night Vision
Help your dad to see better while he is out training, at night, in other people's back yards.

- A good book
Get him some real info on prepping/survival. Something intense like Ditch Medicine.

Think outside the box when it comes to buying gifts for dad. Look at some prepper blogs to see what kind of products they are reviewing. Then pick something your dad can use, and he will be forever greatful.

Still clinging to my God and my guns,


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