Thursday, November 20, 2008

$23 a week oh my!

A recent article in the Toledo Blade lamented the plight of food stamp recipients that got only $23 a week per person for food. The challenge was for the reporters to try to live on that amount for a week and see what it was like. Our food budget is $100 a week or $20 per person, we would get a $3 increase.

Tanya and I were talking last night on the way to church about how to cut back on more expenses since we spend more every month that I make.(our tithe is non negotiable) We have been dipping into savings for a few years now. The only variable we have is our food budget which is already below food stamp level. At this level Tanya even manages to buy lots of organic and health food store stuff.

If we were to get food stamps we would qualify for around $600/mo but we would have to get rid of all our savings to do that, because we saved too much money in the past(before we were on the homestead). So it looks like we will try to spend even less on food. Next summer is going to be more intensive food production. We were really lax this year. A lot of that had to do with Tanya's allergies, she couldn't work in the garden hardly at all and forget canning tomatoes.

Our friends raise rabbits and I've wanted to try a grass based rabbit operation so I may get a trio this spring.
Going to have to get some bees too. I know a couple people who have hives so hopefully I can get some help.
The fruit trees are going to get priority this year also all the correct organic techniques applied on time.
I am going to make up a farm calendar so I know what I am supposed to be doing and when I'm supposed to do it. Our library has a great book on organic gardening that has each plant listed separately and it tells you exactly what to do at what time of year. I can't remember the name but I will post it when I get it out again.

Wish me perseverance,


brosil said...

Do you just want wing feathers from the geese or tail feathers too? I have to butcher soon. I still got your name on one of them. JEL

Randy said...

the good long wing feathers for fletching.....
Thanks so much

scoutinlife said...

It's amazing what some do spend on food in the average household.... I have friends who just by junk and wonder why their grocery money gets them nothing much at all!