Saturday, November 22, 2008

how to make a $.25 shotshell reloader

The most recent issue of Backwoodsman magazine has an article on making a $.25 shotshell reloader.
Since .410 ammo costs almost $10 a box I figured I could make one for it.

#1 is a spike that fits the primer hole used for decapping (it is sitting in it's storage hole)

#2 is a counter bored hole that the shell sits in while you drive out the primer I added the second hole below #2 so the primer would fall out. I think it should have been farther down since the wood holding the shell is kinda thin.

#3 a dowel with a shell on it where you tap in the new primer

#4 is a hole to hold the shell while you build the load.

The dowel to the right is for tamping down the components of the load as you build it. I also used it as a punch to tap in the primer.

The only problem is I missed the primer on the first shell and bulged out the brass trying to drive out the primer.

Still clinging to my God and my guns

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