Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Geographic equality act

I noticed in Ohio B.O. only won 19 of 88 counties but took the state by a large margin.
I also hear all the time about the liberal politicians in the city making bad policy for us country folk.
We need a grass roots movement to bring geographic equality to this country. Something like each county being represented in state government. Then we could get the state electoral procedure changed to reflect county wishes.
It can all be done on the state level. The problem will be getting it through a system that is population controlled. But still us poor disenfranchised rural folk should be able to make the masses see we are worth their sympathy.
Just some random thoughts.

Still clinging to my God and my guns

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riverwalker said...

We had the same happen here in Texas. Most of the votes Obama rec'd were in the major cities only. It still wasn't enough to carry Texas though. Most of the people around here recoginize empty promises wen they hear them.