Thursday, November 6, 2008

Amerika has a bad case of B.O.

Amerika awoke yesterday morning to find itself afflicted with a case of B.O.
We elected the most liberal socialist if not ever, then in a long time. I do say" we" since I am still an American, but I feel the divide being wedged farther open.

I read quotes like "Now the healing can begin". Where do these people come from?
By putting a socialist liberal in office we have alienated the conservative base of this country.
Without the conservative base of this country you wouldn't have anyone to pay all the new taxes so that the big O can pay for my gas and mortgage.

All I know is that B.O. is a blatant liar. He say's he will give 95% of Americans a tax cut. But 33% of Americans already don't pay taxes because they don't make enough . I am one of them, so I went to one of his web sites that calculate my tax cut under the B.O. plan. It told me I would pay $2300 or so less in taxes. A downright lie.

He believes in trickle up economics where you give the poor money and it will help the economy.
It doesn't work like that. Reagan had it right with trickle down economics but the liberals always cut into his plan and made it not work. Clinton got the benefit of Reagan's policies, he rode the dot com bubble all the way up. Bush got the benefit of Clinton's .

With trickle up the poor will spend but who will invest in business and new technology and research? Not the business owners with the increased profit, since you have taxed any new profit to give it to the poor.
The only industries that would benefit are those vice industries that the poor put so much of their hard earned money into like tobacco companies and breweries. Hey maybe that's why they are poor.

And taxing oil company profits? Is the guy an idiot?
That will just raise the price of gas.

Socialist liberals need to get over their jealousy of the rich. That's all it is plain and simple. The poor have envy (covet) of what the rich have and they find politicians that will promised to spread the wealth around. With no justification whatsoever other than they think you shouldn't be able to keep what is yours.

They are saying "suck it up and work together" The time to work together was when it was a divided government . Now that the liberals are in power is the time to work against them.
The republicans blew it 8 years ago. They gave in to the liberals way too much when they had control of everything. They also were very corrupt. They have been thrown out because they didn't stand up when it counted.

BUT how insane is it for this country to put into power the party who runs a congress with only 10% or so approval rating? B.O. has the power to mesmerize.

B.O. is even being called the Antichrist in some circles.
I will reserve judgment on that case.

The bible tells us we need to pray for our leaders because God put them in power.
Even the Antichrist will come to power because God wills it.
I will pray for B.O.
I may not like it but I will do it.
I will continue to cling to my God and my guns.

Rant off,

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Scarecrow said...

The President-Elect has already broken his promises to family farmers. I knew it was too good to be true. Even as I watched the republic collapse amidst socialist bailouts and an election bought and paid for by left-wing ideologues, I still had the audacity to hope that maybe, just maybe, this time family farmers would get something, anything, out of the deal. So, what did the President-Elect do when confronted with a choice between family farms and corporate farms? He chose corporate farms! How is this change?

You can read the whole story at

As far as the anti-Christ thing. I think we have to at least look at it. The guy is untouchable. I heard a French journalist the other day who said. "Obama will save the world." Really?

It's a perfect set up. If you say anything against him, you're a racist. If you don't want to give your money to the dregs of society, you're selfish and if you own a gun or a Bible your backwards. This can't be good. It bears watching like Randy said. But, this really is a "perfect storm."

BTW. Here's a couple of things you might not know:

When you type the word god in Microsoft Word it won't correct the capitalization error. But...if you type in satan, the program will immediately red-line it. (Same with eBlogger). Am I the only one who has a problem with this? Or thinks it's just a little creepy?

The Bible says the anti-Christ will be able to be heard all over the world instantaneously. How could that be possible, unless of course, we are talking about the Internet or satellite TV?

I'm sorry, maybe he's just a great guy. By the way, are we supposed to start capitalizing the pronoun "he" when we refer to Barack Obama?