Saturday, November 29, 2008

Guest post from Scoutinlife

John and I have traded guest posts on our respective blogs.
I have known him online for a few years now since we are members of a couple shared forums.
You can see a link to his blog in the right hand column.


What To Do With Fireplace Ashes

Depending on where you live, a wood fireplace or stove can be a
*relatively* great option for heating and quite economical;
particularly if you're fortunate enough to have easy access to a to a
woodlot to supply your fire wood needs..

The ashes left behind from a wood fire are also a valuable and
versatile by-product don't just throw them away indiscriminately;
here's some great uses for your ash!Use appropriate caution, spot test

1.Spread them on an icy patch in the walk or driveway?
2. If you have chickens put it in their dusting area to keep mites off of them.
3. Wood ash has potash and other minerals in it, but it will make the
soil more alkaline.
4.Don't forget the compost pile. You can dump them there, along with
droppings, leaf cuttings, hair cuttings, the vacuum cleaner bag
dumpings, old table scraps (except meat or fatty, cheese, dairy) grass
, bone meal, blood meal and/or fertilizer. Get good soil from
old junk.
5.If you're so inclined to make your on soap you can leech them with
water to make lye.
6. Do you grow any raspberries? They *love* woodash!

Ash contains potash (potassium carbonate), phosphate, iron, manganese,
boron, copper and zinc and can be quite beneficial as a natural
fertilizer... sometimes. Wood ash increases the pH or alkalinity of
soil, so use sparingly.


mradam said...

Great blog! I've been reading consistently for a couple weeks now and I really enjoy it. It's great to see a Christian that is also interested in prepping and survival. Keep up the posts!

Randy said...

One thing I learned the hard way.....Don't put ashes on squash....I sprinkled some on a couple years ago to see if it would control squash bugs.
All the plants were dead in three or four days.
Don't ever try something new all out....I killed ALL of my squash that year